Air fryer, pie maker and more: Here’s five ways to cook eggs

 We have everything from slow-cooker fudge to microwavable apple crumble to air fryer tricks.

We’re all for a cool and creative way to cook an egg, even though it’s not rocket science. We have tested some of our favorite appliances to cook eggs, and we can say that it is hard to go back after trying these four strange but wonderful ways.

How to “boil” eggs in an air fryer

What can the air fryer’s not do? The air fryer is our favorite kitchen appliance. It takes the guesswork and the time out of boiling an egg. Pop the eggs into the air fryer, depending on the desired degree of gooey yolks.

How to poach an egg in a piemaker

I didn’t think poaching eggs in a piemaker would be on my bingo card for 2023, but it is. Pie makers are becoming more popular, and with good reason. There are over 100 ways you can use them. Poaching eggs is one of the most popular. You only need to crack the eggs into the holes of the pie, and you will have a perfectly cooked egg in four minutes.

This hack for egg poaching was used to create a Macca’s Bacon and Egg McMuffin.

How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave.

It’s not new to cook eggs in the microwave, but it can be very difficult (cook for too long, and they turn out rubbery). This foolproof recipe ensures you get perfectly scrambled eggs in just a few minutes without the need to clean a pan.

Slow cooker Frittata

Even though slow cooker season is over, you can still use your slow cooker to make more than just classic stews and curries. Slow cookers can simplify recipes that even experienced cooks struggle with, such as curries and stews. The frittata (because a dry, sticking-to-the-bottom-of-the-pan frittata is not a vibe). Slow cooker frittata is great for entertaining. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare, and you can leave it for 2.5 hours.