It’s not all in your head, Champagne really does get you drunk quicker

Champagne is not just a myth; it really makes you drink faster

There’s scientific proof that confirms that that glass of Champagne did indeed go straight to your brain.

Fran Ridout and colleagues conducted a study. Oxford Academic published a study out of England that found that the carbon dioxide in Champagne, sparkling wine, and other fizzy drinks makes you drink faster.

The short and sweet of the study, or the abstract if you prefer, suggests that the bubbles found in Champagne cause the digestive system’s absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream to be faster than with other alcoholic beverages.

The study, which included only 24 participants, found that half of them consumed Champagne with carbon dioxide, and the other half consumed Champagne without carbon dioxide (yuck). Blood alcohol levels were higher for the carbonated drinkers within the first 20 minutes following consumption.

Even though we are not scientists, we admit that a small group of people is unlikely to make any significant advances. However, anecdotal data, i.e., everyone in the office, confirms that the first glass really does hit differently.