Move over, feta pasta! There’s a new roast potato dish in town

Who did not love TikTok TikTok feta fetta pasta ?

The world was captivated by it last year. Who can blame us?

Feta is a delicious cheese that adds a depth of flavor to any dish.

We decided to test it and see if we could improve the most popular side dish of all – crispy roasted potatoes.

One-pan feta roast potatoes: your new fav!

This recipe will be familiar to you if you are used to the cooking method of the feta pasta that has gone viral. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the cooking process. This is one of the easiest dishes to make. It would be best if you simply placed the feta block in the center of an oven dish and then add your other ingredients around it. The cheese seeps through the potatoes, giving them a slightly salty, rich flavor as it melts. Yum!

What about weeknights?

Who said roast potatoes were only for entertaining and weekend dinners? We’re not watching! The trendy taters are ready in just 10 minutes, and because they come in a single pan, it saves you time when washing dishes.

Many recipes for roast potatoes call for cooking them first in boiling water to soften. This recipe uses baby potatoes to ensure they cook quickly.

Roast potatoes are our favorite.

We may never tire of them, but that doesn’t stop us from trying new ways to cook potatoes. We are always looking for fresh ingredients to make them taste even better, but feta is the one we can’t beat.