20 incredibly healthy breakfast recipes and ideas

The most important meal is breakfast, so make the most of it.

This smashed avocado and broad bean bruschetta makes the perfect spring brunch

Maggie Beer gives avocado on toast a makeover.

Rice pudding flavored with Vanilla Citrus

This dish is a twist on the Swedish rice pudding that’s served at Yuletide for breakfast. It brings comforting festive flavors to breakfast for Christmas in July.

Vanilla chia-seed pudding

This recipe is as versatile and healthy as you want it to be. Macmillan Australia publishes The Nourishing Cook by Leah Itsines. RRP is $34.99.

Coconut Chia Pudding with Gluten-Free Spiced Granola

This super-easy recipe is perfect for those who enjoy granola with chia seeds as a sweet way to start the day. This is a modified extract from Surfing the Menu – Next Generation by Dan Churchill & Hayden Quinn. (Published in Simon & Schuster for $49.99) and available at bookshops across the country.

Seasonal Fruit with Rosewater Dressing and Yoghurt

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. This delicious and nutritious dish will prove it.

Lola Berry’s Paleo and Raspberry Loaf

This is a real winner. The bread is delicious and freezes well, but I like to eat it as soon as I make it. Raspberries contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps to repair and protect the skin against sun damage. (You’ll still want to use organic sunscreen, though!). The recipe was adapted from Food to Make You Glory by Lola Berry. Published by Pan Macmillan Australia.

Grab and Go Muesli Bars

Deliciously decadent bars with soft fruit and crunchy nuts give you the energy to power you through the day.

Lola Berry’s healthy Paleo Brekkie Loaf

I have a sweet tooth, and I especially love to indulge at breakfast time. This bread is delicious because it tastes like cake, but it’s grain-free and paleo! This loaf will give you the energy you need, as the banana and eggs are both rich in complex carbohydrates and B vitamins. The recipe was taken from Food to Make You Glowing by Lola Berry, published by Pan Macmillan Australia.

Almond and rhubarb muffins without sugar

The almond meal must be used within a few days of opening, or else it will go rancid. These muffins are a healthier alternative to refined sugars and make an excellent breakfast.

Thai breakfast omelets

A healthy Thai-inspired omelet will help you start your day off right.

Carrot muffins with ginger icing and bran and brown rice

These muffins are packed with healthy ingredients like brown rice and oat bran.

Blueberry Chia and Olive Oil Cakes

Silvia Collloca’s dairy-free cakes, which are aimed at health-conscious consumers, are enhanced with delicious blueberries and chia seeds.

Pan-cooked breakfast all-day

This easy, quick dish will satisfy you at any time.

Lola Berry’s Antioxidant Happiness Smoothie

Smoothies can be a great way to pack in a lot of nutrition and keep you full. The blueberries provide the glucose that you need to power up for the day. These blueberries are also rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins. They help prevent cellular damage, and they are anti-aging! The recipe was adapted from Food to Make You Glowing by Lola Berry, published by Pan Macmillan Australia.

Eggs with bubble and squeak potatoes

A modern take on a classic breakfast recipe will make your summer brunch special.

Vegan banana bread

This vegan banana bread is a tropical twist on the classic. It uses almond meal and desiccated cocoa to give it a lusciously sweet, nutty flavor. This recipe is also egg-free and gluten-free, so it’s perfect for those with food allergies or intolerances. This recipe comes from Teresa Cutter’s new cookbook Healthy Baking – Cakes, Cookies + Raw ($69.95), which is available now.

Stone fruit skewers with apple and cinnamon granola

Fruit skewers atop granola will add a special touch to your breakfast menu. This is a great way to jazz up a bowl of muesli.

Plum crumble muffins

The list of overflowing pantry items is endless. Delicious says that I use these ingredients to make granola with maple syrup instead of muffins. Food Director, Phoebe Wood.

Gluten-free choc and raspberry muffins

If you are looking for an easy, guilt-free, gluten-free snack to enjoy between meals or before exercising, these chocolate raspberry muffins will not disappoint. This is an excerpt from Surfing the Menu – Next Generation by Dan Churchill & Hayden Quinn. (Published in Australia by Simon & Schuster for $49.99). It is available at bookshops across the country.

Banana and apple loaf

“Perfect to enjoy on a lazy weekend – a meal that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” says Shannon Bennett.

Baked Egg Cups with Prosciutto, Truffle Oil and Gruyere

Katie Quinn Davies says these egg cups are perfect for entertaining, especially when you don’t want to spend hours in the cooking. They’re perfect for any meal of the day, with a delicious sour cream crust.