Lazy Hot Girl Summer with a Watermelon Margarita

My love for cocktails reminds me constantly that I need to go back to basics. I am easily seduced by the idea of learning something new about the familiar and old. Although they are great, I am reticent about infusions.

Yet, how many mojitos can one make and still feel satisfied? For me, the answer is many. Blanche would agree that it has been many, many, many times. Recently, I was making cocktail slushies at a local microbrewery. This meant I had to deal with my monogamous love for slight variations of classic cocktails. It’s almost like going to a furniture store to purchase something for your apartment, only to buy yet another bed for your dog (most recently a Ratan chaise) when you needed a nightstand. It made me wonder if my cocktail list was becoming a rotating collection of less cute dog beds.

Although I knew it was my civic duty to make a frozen margarita, I refused until recently. It’s been a hectic and exhausting summer for me. This is not only because of my poor adaptability as a person but also because it was highly stressful. I want you to picture a sloth working on a busy factory line trying to keep up. The watermelon I bought in the spirit and season of the season was rotting from the inside, so I had to get a drink. I also struggle to stay hydrated.

Margaritas are my ride-or-die cocktails. You now know the basic formula behind mostĀ of my cocktails. Avoiding waste + having a drink + something familiar + multi-purpose moments equals, in this instance, a watermelon margarita. As I poured them back, I thought, “This would make for a great smoothie.” Was it too boring? Too obvious? What was the point of caring? Enter Carlin, my friend.

Carlin once sent me cassis jelly that she had made. It brought back so many memories. I also received a message from her saying that the IKEA rug she bought was “just okay.” I love Carlin. When I saw her post a frozen watermelon margarita she had made for herself after work, I knew it was the right decision. Carlin, who has a knack for making magic happen in her own home, may have had a similar idea, and it was all I needed. God, I pray that everyone has a Carlin in their life.