Matt Moran mince recipes to make your dinners tastier

As the weather changes, Matt Moran is looking for comfort food and recipes from his childhood to help him get through the week.

Lamb Meatball Biriyani

Matt Moran gives a humble meatball an Indian twist with delicious results.

Matt Moran’s roast sage meatball pasta

This Matt Moran masterpiece will take your pasta-baking game to the next level.

Matt Moran’s mushroom beef and pepper pie

Matt Moran transforms humble beef mince into a classic comfort food.

Matt Moran’s potato pizza with Italian Sausage

Do yourself a favor and make these delicious pizzas. We’ll thank you later.

Matt Moran’s beef speck cottage pie

Matt Moran’s twist on classic cheese and bacon pie.

Pastie with chicken and eggs

This Matt Moran recipe transforms chicken mince into a Middle Eastern show-stopper.

Matt Moran’s baked pork and Veal Ragu

This slow-cooked ragu is perfect for a cool evening.

Matt Moran’s Easy Meatball Sandwiches

When a sandwich is all you need, this is an edited excerpt from Matt Moran’s Australian Food: Coast + Country. Murdoch Books $45. Available now.

Fennel, parsnips, and sausage pithivier

Matt Moran gives the classic sausage roll a new twist. The sausage rolls are different but equally delicious.

Matt Moran’s Shepherd’s Pie

The star comfort food of the season is this shepherd’s pie from celebrity chef Matt Moran. Your whole family will love it.

Matt Moran’s spicy lamb kofta is the perfect dinner recipe to make your life easier.

Matt Moran’s spicy lamb koftas are divine. It will make your guests want to come back for more.

Enjoy these pies with harissa and lamb

These beauties are an Australian classic with a Harissa twist.

Honey mustard chicken sausage rolls with cheater’s tomato sauce

The super-fast tomato sauce is just as tasty as store-bought but with much less sugar. It also contains none of the nasty ingredients. Matt Moran: “Don’t double dip!”

Matt Moran’s keto-friendly pork anchovy bow

Want to know how to make san-choy-bow? Matt Moran shows you how to make a quick, easy, and keto version of san choy bow using pork mince.