There are three ways to garnish your Halloween cocktails with candy

It’s almost Halloween, and you may be thinking, “How can I get more candy into my body?” But for a healthy Halloween, your drinks should also include sweets. Consider buying extra candy as a garnish for your Halloween cocktails. You might be surprised at how complimentary they can be ( see here for pairing ideas). Bright colors and fancy packaging add a festive touch to the occasion. There are three options for garnishing your drink: rotisserie-style or a simple drop-in method. Or you can freeze it in an ice cube.

The rotisserie look is recommended for most chocolate candies like Snickers or Milky Ways. It’s easy to fit a skewer on the fun-sized snickers and keep the shiny metallic wrapper. Wrappers help your guests identify which candy they like. Unwrapped chocolates look less attractive than wrapped ones and are turd-shaped. It seems more like the East River.

You can also skewer them ahead of time without touching any. This allows you to have a ready-made pile to place over cocktails when guests arrive. This is a great way to let your guests choose whether they want candy. You can also buy large toothpicks, which are equally effective, or a bamboo skewer that I cut in half. Make sure that the length of the toothpick is at least twice the length of the glasses.

Skewer soft candies rotisserie-style. However, you can also use themed sweets such as gummy vampires or skulls. I prefer those candies to be used as drop-in garnishes. Gummy worms and eyeballs look great in martini glasses. The better the cocktail, This is especially important if you want to surprise guests. Gummy candies are great because, unlike Skittles and M&Ms (decidedly not-scary candy), they don’t dissolve in water. Gummies will not dissolve in your drink so they won’t change the drink’s taste or the candy. You should ensure that the sour gummies match the glass you are using. The candy’s granulated sugar and sour powder will be exposed on the candy’s surface and will dissolve in the drink very quickly. Use sour candy only if you are using it in a cocktail with citrusy garnishes.

I love the ice cube method for candy garnishes. Make an ice cube tray by filling it in half with water. You can add any small, festive candy you wish. Again, I recommend candy that doesn’t melt quickly. So leave the Smarties alone. These can be left at the store. You can make a bright ice cube by using dissolving candy. Cubes are great for vampire teeth and gummy eyeballs. You can place one to two candies in each divot. Sometimes, it’s better if they stick out slightly. Please put them in the freezer for three hours or until they are completely frozen. They will become a little cloudy, making them quite creepy. You can grab one from the tray and drop it in a rocks glass to create a freaky cocktail. Enjoy the energy boost from these candy-laden drinks.